3 Vitamin Consumption Trends That Are Widely Followed, Make Sure It's Safe for the Body

3 Vitamin Consumption Trends That Are Widely Followed, Make Sure It's Safe for the Body

Did you know there are 3 vitamin consumption trends that are widely followed especially during this pandemic season? 

Take vitamin supplements, before the pandemic, we usually do it in moderation. When the diet is messy, busy or the body is not fit.

One of them is by taking vitamin supplements every day. Actually, vitamins in the form of supplements are not needed if nutritional intake is met properly.

Taking vitamin supplements excessively can even harm the body. During the pandemic, there were three patterns of supplement consumption that became a trend. Is it safe to follow suit?

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Vitamin Consumption Trends: Personalized vitamins

The first vitamin consumption trend that people tend to follow is the use of personalized vitamins. 

Some health services provide online/offline consultations as well as examinations to find out the condition of the body. From the results of the examination and consultation, it will be known what substances the body needs. Later the vitamins given will be adjusted to the needs of the body.

The examination should actually be done by a nutritionist. If you really want to try it, make sure to consult a doctor first. Do not take vitamins only with an online consultation.

Vitamin Consumption Trends: Powdered vitamins

As the next vitamin consumption trend is powdered vitamins. This type of vitamin consists of a mixture of nutritious supplements that can be mixed into a drink. According to the expert, there is no big difference in absorption between the powder and the pill.

The capsule or pill will dissolve in the stomach and run into the small intestine, where most of the absorption of nutrients occurs. Its main advantage with drinks is easier to swallow than pills.

Vitamin Consumption Trends: Vitamin Infusion

Last but not least from the vitamin consumption trends was vitamin infusion. This vitamin is also very trendy. Not by consumption, but administered by intravenous injections. Not only do it in the clinic but it also can even be done at home like ordering drinks.

This vitamin is in demand because it is believed to be a vitamin through an infusion by pumping the supplement directly into the blood vessels. This infusion can increase energy in the body as well as help faster recovery from illness and boost the immune system. In some people, it may be effective, but this also depends largely on the health condition of each person.

That's information about 3 vitamin consumption trends that are widely followed moreover after the pandemic. Hope this helps.