6 Healthy Habits Before Going to Bed

6 Healthy Habits Before Going to Bed

Living a healthy lifestyle is not only about exercising and choosing healthy foods, but also implementing all the habits that make life more quality. Take sleep, for example.

In addition to sleeping with enough time, it turns out that habits before going to bed can also have an effect on health. What are some healthy habits before going to bed that can apply?

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Healthy Habits Before Going to Bed

1. Exercise

You must be surprised, isn't it that after exercise you are actually more excited and can't sleep? Research proves that sweating after exercising a few hours before bedtime can help sleep quality better. If the quality of sleep improves, you will face the morning vigorously and productively.

2. Bathe

After a day of activities outside the house, make sure to take a shower before going to bed. Not a few of those who feel exhausted will go straight to bed without taking a shower. In fact, there are many germs and dust attached to your body which can be a source of disease. Taking a bath before going to bed, there is a relaxing effect on your body which also facilitates blood circulation.

3. Brush Your Teeth

Before going to bed, also make sure you have brushed your teeth. If you don't brush your teeth, germs that lodge in your mouth overnight will spread bacteria that result in plaque on your teeth, bad breath, and breathing that is not fresh.

4. Meditation

If your days make you tired and not infrequently headaches hit, it's a good idea before going to bed that does a little meditation. Install aromatherapy fragrances in your room, dim the light in the room, and then close your eyes. Forget for a moment about complaints. This will help you to reduce stress symptoms such as depression, headaches, and other health disorders.

5. Drink Water

The simplest healthy habit before going to bed is to drink water before going to bed. We all know that white water is indeed very good for the body. Plain water can also keep the skin moist. When sleeping, our body needs a lot of fluids. Therefore, to avoid dehydration, drink at least one glass of normal temperature water (not refrigerator water) before going to bed.

6. Avoid Gadgets

If you have decided to rest, for the sake of better sleep quality, you should keep gadgets away from the bed. Putting a mobile phone under a pillow is strongly discouraged because the radiation hazards of gadgets can affect your health. Preferably, keep the gadget in a closet or in another place not adjacent to the bed.]

Thus the article about 6 healthy habits before going to bed, you should never forget to apply these so you can have a better sleep. 

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