Healthy Facial Skin, Here Are 4 Signs!

Healthy Facial Skin, Here Are 4 Signs!


What are the signs of healthy facial skin? With international trends such as "glass skin" and the face of models that look natural and perfect, like beautiful and flawless creatures, the "imperfections" that exist on our face, arms, or legs can make us worry that our skin is not good.

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However, even the slightest texture, redness, or discoloration does not mean that our skin is in the right condition. With skincare products that claim to be able to solve all these problems, Moms should equip themselves with the knowledge that maybe our skin is already healthy and doing well.

Of course, regular skincare is a smart way to take care of the health of our skin, but you don't need to buy a lot of skincare products for problems that we don't really have. Here are some signs that you already have healthy facial skin, although we ourselves are not too sure.

Signs of Healthy Facial Skin

The following signs are signs of relatively healthy facial skin. Check it out and try to check it first, who knows, it turns out that you has managed to have it!

1. Smooth and Supple Skin Texture

To dress up healthy facial skin, the skin texture will certainly feel smoother, softer, and supple. If you actually feel rough or loose skin, this could be that the skin is experiencing problems.

Try exfoliating the skin to remove dead skin cells so that you can get a smooth and healthy skin look. Or use a series of treatments that contain AHA in the product.

2. Moist Skin

A high level of hydration or humidity becomes one of the signs that we have relatively healthy facial skin. Moist skin marked water intake for the skin has been fulfilled so that the skin is dry-free.

Meanwhile, skin that lacks water is usually characterized by a scaly skin surface that easily peels off. For Moms who still have dry skin problems, immediately overcome them by taking care of them regularly. Use moisturizers in the morning and at night and drink more water as well as consume vegetables and fruits.

3. Even Skin Tone

The sign we have healthy facial skin is even skin tone. Remember, that white skin is not a reference to call someone's skin in a healthy condition. The truth should be that no matter what color our skin is, whether it's ripe, white, or also yellow, make sure the skin tone is evenly matched.

Unhealthy skin is characterized by pigmentation, such as brown spots, dark spots of acne scars, to a reddish color that hints if the skin is experiencing inflammation. A dull hue also indicates that the skin is in the stage of fatigue, dehydration, and not prime.

4. Free of Various Skin Problems

Another sign is that the skin is free from all problems commonly faced by most women, such as acne or blackheads. The causative factors are usually due to pollution, UV rays, as well as factors from within our body such as unbalanced hormones.

Those are some signs that we have healthy facial skin and are not problematic. Does your skin meet these signs?