Should You Use Hair Vitamins?

Should You Use Hair Vitamins?

There are several hair vitamins (and supplements) on the market that promise rapid and instantaneous follicle growth. Do hair vitamins really work?

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Hair trends can come and go. But one thing that will never go away is healthy hair that is thick, full, and shiny.

Today, perhaps more and more women are bolder in choosing the hairstyle they want, but there is something that has always been coveted, namely long hair.

However, the process of hair growth can be normal and requires a little patience.

Several experts talk about the pros (and cons) of this potential find for female beauty. This hair vitamin may indeed work, but it is quite complicated.

Should You Use Hair Vitamins?

Hair Vitamin Content

“Vitamins, in general, are kind of an unregulated market. A lot of hair vitamins aren't Food and Drugs Administration-approved so there's not much research on them," says Michelle Henry, clinical instructor at Weill Cornell Medical College.

Dermatology Online Journal research states that a lack of vitamin D can cause alopecia, namely hair loss. Vitamin D can also stimulate hair follicles which triggers new hair growth.

A combination of several vitamins can help someone dealing with hair loss who doesn't want to take medication. One of the popular ingredients that Michelle suggests looking for in hair vitamins is biotin.

Biotin in Hair Vitamins

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Biotin is a type of B vitamin you can get naturally in certain foods, such as salmon, and is essential for the growth of hair and nails. So Moms should look for hair vitamins that contain this content.

“Biotin is the most popular ingredient for promoting healthy hair growth,” says Christyn M. Nawrot, National Educator for Phyto Hair Care.

But he says, if biotin is not accompanied by a B-complex vitamin, it will not absorb effectively to get the benefits of thicker, fuller and longer hair.

Vitamins A, C and E are excellent antioxidants that actually protect the hair strands. Meanwhile, essential fatty acids from ingredients such as fish oil and omega fatty acids are ideal for giving hair a beautiful, long-lasting shine.

So make sure your hair vitamins contain at least biotin in them.