6 Vitamin Options for Sore Feet That You Can Rely On

6 Vitamin Options for Sore Feet That You Can Rely On

After a day of activities, you will definitely be very tired. Especially if have to travel, walk long distances, go up and down stairs, to wear high heels all day long. The activity is not finished yet, maybe you already feel sore legs.

This condition can indeed cause discomfort. Not surprisingly, many people try various ways so that this sore leg can be overcome immediately.

Sore legs can be caused by many conditions. However, one of the causes is stiff muscles after exercising or strenuous activities or lifting heavy weights.

Blood flow disorders that occur as a result of standing or sitting for too long can also be the cause of leg aches.

However, do you know that sore feet can also occur due to a lack of fluid and nutrient intake? This condition then triggers complaints of leg soreness, even causing natural leg cramps.

Therefore, you also need to consider taking vitamins for sore feet regularly.

Vitamins for Sore Feet

The following are some vitamins for sore feet that you can consume more often:

1. Vitamin C

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Who says vitamin C is just to strengthen the body's immune system or prevent canker sores?

Quoting the journal BMC Pediatrics, in fact, when you are deficient in vitamin C, the body will experience fatigue and then weakness.

When the body is naturally deficient in this vitamin C, it will generally cause bleeding gums and tooth decay.

However, surprisingly enough from this study, it turns out that symptoms such as calf pain and swollen joints will also occur when the body is deficient in vitamin C.

Not only that, but vitamin C deficiency can also cause anemia because vitamin C functions to absorb iron in the body.

Iron has an important function for the body and if the needs are not met, then you will feel tired.

On this basis, Moms also need to meet their daily Vitamin C needs to relieve fatigue and soreness.

2. Vitamin B1

In addition to vitamin C, vitamin B1 or also called thiamine is also a vitamin for sore and tired feet. The reason is this vitamin will work directly on the muscles.

If the consumption of vitamin B1 is insufficient, then you will feel the main symptom, namely fatigue.

Citing Neural Generation Research, vitamin B1 deficiency will cause natural muscle disorders, especially striated muscle damage. This muscle or skeletal muscle is the muscle that the limbs use to support the movement of the body.

Still, in the same study, it was also found that people who have myotonic dystrophy disorders are also prone to vitamin B1 deficiency. This disorder is generally characterized by progressive muscle weakness or occurs on an ongoing basis.

3. Vitamin B3

Maybe so far you have known vitamin B3 as a useful nutrient for skin care. However, it turns out that vitamin B3 is also able to eliminate fatigue and soreness, including soreness in the legs.

This is because vitamin B3 turns out to be able to process carbohydrate, fat, and protein intake into energy. With a sufficient amount of energy, Moms will avoid feeling tired.

Vitamin B3 as a vitamin for sore feet can also deal with joint problems.

Citing Inflammation Research, joint pain due to inflammation can be reduced thanks to the right intake of vitamin B3. In this way, the joints become more active and flexible.

4. Vitamin B6

Citing alternative medicine review, vitamin B6 is closely related to anemia.

Vitamin B6 as a vitamin for sore feet comes in the form of pyridoxal 5' phosphate. This compound has in fact been proven to help the production of hemoglobin in the body.

Those with hemoglobin deficiency anemia will feel symptoms of fatigue and dizziness, even though hemoglobin is needed in carrying oxygen from the lungs to all body tissues, including the legs.

5. Vitamin B12

You also need to take vitamin B12 as a vitamin for sore feet. This is because some problems such as sore legs are also often caused by disorders in the nerves in the body.

Citing MC Oral Health, it is reported that vitamin B12 deficiency can cause tingling and impaired balance of the body.

When you naturally lack B12, the muscles will become weak and the motion reflexes will decrease. On the other hand, a lack of this vitamin can also cause muscles to stiffen instead.

When the muscles tighten, then this will make areas of the body such as stiff become sore. While weak muscles are a sign of fatigue.

Therefore, you need to consume multivitamins that contain vitamin B12 in them to prevent sore feet.

6. Vitamin D

During this time, you believed that basking in the sun is good for getting vitamin D intake, which is also good for bones.

Citing the North American Journal of Medical Science, vitamin D deficiency also turns out to be the cause of natural fatigue.

In the study, 77.2 percent of people with fatigue were shown to be deficient in vitamin D intake.

In addition, vitamin D also makes bones brittle and muscles weak. This then makes the body tired.

When deficient in vitamin D, the legs also become sore, because when they are deficient in vitamin D, the symptoms that can appear are pain in the muscles and joints.

Thus the article about vitamins for sore feet that you can rely on, hopefully, this article is useful, thank you for reading! Stay Healthy!