The benefit of Vitamin B3 to Overcome Dandruff and Various Hair Problems!

The benefit of Vitamin B3 to Overcome Dandruff and Various Hair Problems!

Dandruff is one of the scalp problems caused by dust, dirt, heat to stress. Not only that, apparently dandruff requires treatment and protection of extracts compared to the problem of hair loss. For you who have problems with dandruff, of course, you want to overcome it, right?

One of the things that can eradicate dandruff is to use hair care, which is a shampoo and conditioner that contains vitamin B3 as well as food intake rich in vitamin B3. 

What are the benefits of vitamin B3 for hair to overcome dandruff? Let's look at the following review!

Benefits of Vitamin B3 for Hair

Not many know that vitamin B3 has a secret weapon when it comes to hair care because its content is capable of doing so many things.

In Vitamin B3 there is niacin which can be taken as a hair vitamin supplement or found in fish, shrimp, lean meats, milk, almonds, nuts, as well as celery, and carrots. As a water-soluble vitamin, niacin helps the body convert food into energy.

Niacin plays a role in improving bloodstream circulation to bring oxygen to your hair follicles so that it can make hair healthier. An unhealthy scalp and hair can be the result of a lacking of oxygen. Therefore, the scalp can peel off and dandruff arises when lacking oxygen.

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Other Benefits of Vitamin B3 for Hair

In addition to overcoming dandruff, vitamin B3 also has other benefits for hair and scalp:

1. Improves Blood Circulation

Niacin helps improve circulation, which means more efficient blood flow through your body and to the scalp. Healthier blood flow will improve scalp health, prevent dryness and promote hair growth at the same time.

B3's ability to improve circulation as well as reduce blood thickness makes it ideal for enhancing follicular growth.

2. Reduces Inflammation

Chronic or uncontrolled inflammation can result from a poor diet, and it has an impact on the hair. Inflammation to the scalp can cause dryness, itching, and dandruff, as well as inhibit hair growth.

Over time it will make the hair weak, brittle, and fall out. Vitamin B3 can prevent this by fighting inflammation and helping to heal damage already done.

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3. Repairing Damage

Environmental toxins and the body's own metabolic processes create free radicals in the body. This compound needs to be controlled and cannot be rampant or Moms will experience health problems and hair loss. This damage can be prevented by the intake of vitam

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