Risks of Chewing Gum Too Often

Risks of Chewing Gum Too Often

Did you know, that although there are health benefits to chewing gum, but there are also risks of chewing gum too often. The point is, all the things that are superfluous are indeed not good, you know.

If you already read about the benefits of chewing gum, here are the ingredients of chewing gum. You must know the ingredient and the benefits and you also need to know the risk if you do chewing gum too often. 

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Ingredients of Chewing Gum

Paraphrase Healthline, chewing gum is a soft, chewy substance designed to be chewed but not swallowed.

The composition of bubble gum may vary, depending on the brand, but all gums have the following basic ingredients:

  • Gum: An indigestible rubber base used to give chewy qualities to chewing gum.

  • Resin: It is usually added to strengthen the gum and hold it together.

  • Fillers: Fillers, such as calcium carbonate or talcum powder, are used to give texture to the gum.

  • Preservative: It is added to extend the shelf life. The most popular preservative option is an organic compound called butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT).

  • Softener: It is used to retain moisture and prevent the gum from hardening. The softening materials used may include wax, such as paraffin or vegetable oil.

  • Sweeteners: The most popular are cane sugar, beet sugar, and corn syrup. Meanwhile, sugar-free gum usually uses sugar alcohol, such as xylitol, or artificial sweeteners such as aspartame.

  • Flavoring: Added to give the desired flavor, it can be in natural or synthetic form.

All ingredients used in the processing of chewing gum must be "food grade" and classified as suitable for human consumption.

Risk Of Chewing Gum Overly

After knowing the ingredients of chewing gums, here are the potential dangers that can occur if you chew bubble gum too much. What are they?

1. Indigestion

Risk of chewing gum too much is indigestion. Chewing this sweet candy can cause indigestion and diarrhea if done too often.

This is because the sugar alcohol content used to sweeten sugar-free gum can have a laxative effect when used in large quantities.

In addition, all sugar alcohols can cause digestive problems for people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

2. Tooth Decay

Secon on risks of chewing gum overly is tooth decay. Eating bubble gum with added sugar will also have a bad impact on the health of your teeth and mouth.

This is because sugar is digested by bad bacteria in the mouth, causing an increase in the amount of plaque on the teeth and tooth decay over time.

Not only that, but consuming too much sugar is also associated with a number of health problems, such as obesity, insulin resistance, and diabetes. So, be careful, Moms.

3. Jaw Problems

If you often and overly chew gum then probably you will have jaw problems as the third risk of chewing gum too often. Chewing gum too often can cause a jaw problem called temporomandibular disorder (TMD), which ultimately triggers pain when chewing.

That’s the information about the risk of chewing gum too often. Hope this is useful!