When do You Start Taking Prenatal Vitamins during Pregnancy?

When do You Start Taking Prenatal Vitamins during Pregnancy?

There are many restrictions regarding the types of drugs and supplements that can be taken while you are pregnant. However, prenatal vitamins are not only allowed, but also highly recommended for consumption. This can help you and your growing fetus get all the nutrients you need to make it through the nine months of pregnancy.

You may be wondering if prenatal vitamins are for both mother and baby, why is it advisable to start taking them before pregnancy? Is it safe? and many other questions in mama's head. Don't be confused, Mom. Here Popmama.com will help Mama to know the right time to take prenatal vitamins, as reported by Healthline.

Consumption of Important Prenatal Vitamins in Early Pregnancy

When you decide you're ready to get pregnant, apart from scheduling visits to the ob-gyn, you also need to stop using contraception, stop living an unhealthy lifestyle such as smoking, and start taking prenatal vitamins.

You can't predict when you will get pregnant. It could be weeks, or even months later, and you won't know how many weeks it will be after conception. Prenatal vitamins are an important part of the preparation for conception.

After the first visit to the obstetrician, you may be prescribed certain vitamins. But before that, it doesn't matter if Mama starts it from the first day the test pack shows positive results.

Importance of Folic Acid in Prenatal Vitamins

Reporting from Healthline, according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), folic acid is one of the most important nutrients that women need before pregnancy. The content of this one is the main key to prenatal nutrition.

These B vitamins are responsible for the formation of the baby's neural tube. This is the structure that will eventually form the brain and spinal cord. Without a fully developed neural tube, babies can be born with defects.

Experts from reliable sources agree that folic acid supplements significantly increase the chances of forming a healthy neural tube. The American Academy of Pediatrics has long held the view that folic acid can reduce neural tube defects by at least 50 percent.

The neural tube in the fetus closes in the first four weeks after conception. Mothers often do not realize that they are pregnant at this time. And because folic acid in adequate amounts will be effective, it is recommended for all mothers of childbearing age and sexually active to consume 400 mcg of folic acid every day.

That way, the mother's position will be ready if at any time the fertilization is successful and finally enters the pregnancy period. When entering the period of pregnancy, the dose of folic acid needed was increased to 600 mcg per day.

The Importance of Iron for Pregnancy

Functioning to supply the fetus with blood and oxygen, iron helps in the formation of the placenta and provides the mother with the extra volume of blood needed during pregnancy. Because pregnant women are prone to anemia, iron supplements also work to ensure that you have an adequate number of red blood cells in your body.

Anemia during pregnancy is associated with a higher rate of preterm birth and lower infant birth weight. Therefore, do not avoid consuming iron before and during pregnancy, Ma.

Proper Calcium Intake during Pregnancy so Mama doesn't Experience Porous Bones

Babies spend time in the mother's womb for the formation of their bones and teeth. For maximum results, it takes a lot of calcium, which means you have to consume it in large quantities.

If not getting enough calcium intake, eventually the baby takes the need for bone formation from the mother's bones during pregnancy and breastfeeding. This will result in temporary porous bones in Mama.

So, before you actually get pregnant, it would be nice to start taking some prenatal vitamins with the intake mentioned above. If it turns out that the program that you are undergoing this month has not worked, consult your doctor, about whether you should continue to take it until pregnancy arrives.

That's information about the right time to take prenatal vitamins. Hope this is useful.