Not Only Good For Bones, Here are the Various Benefits of Vitamin D For the Human Body

Not Only Good For Bones, Here are the Various Benefits of Vitamin D For the Human Body

Do you know what are the benefits of vitamin D for the human body?

Maybe many of you are familiar with vitamin D with its benefits for bone health. But actually, there are many other benefits that vitamin D provides for human health. So what are the benefits of vitamin D? Read on for the explanation below to find out the answer.

Benefits of Vitamin D

Maybe you often wonder, are there benefits of sunbathing for a few minutes in the morning? This is because the morning sunlight can help the human body to produce vitamin D. The benefits of vitamin D for the human body are as follows.

Boost immunity

Some time ago, many rumors circulated that sunbathing in the morning could ward off Covid-19. This is not entirely wrong because basically sunbathing in the morning can stimulate the production of vitamin D. This vitamin D will increase immunity by supporting white blood cells in fighting pathogens that enter the body.

Healthy bones and teeth

The next benefit of vitamin D is that it can nourish bones and teeth. The reason, this vitamin D will help the absorption of calcium needed by the body. Calcium itself is one of the minerals that are important for bones that keep them strong. If a person is deficient in vitamin D, it will increase the risk of osteoporosis and rickets.

Prevent autoimmune diseases

Some studies mentioned that vitamin D is also useful in reducing the risk of autoimmune diseases. An autoimmune disease that can be prevented by vitamin D is multiple sclerosis which many women suffer from. This is attributed to the previous benefits, where vitamin D is able to increase the body's immunity so that it fights various diseases.

Prevent chronic disease

Not only is it able to prevent autoimmune diseases, but vitamin D is also useful for preventing chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and others. This is because vitamin D has a hormone called calcitriol which can reduce the development of cancer cells. In addition, vitamin D deficiency can also cause insulin production and glucose tolerance to be impaired.

Prevent depression

Did you know, it turns out that vitamin D is also useful in preventing depression. This has been proven in several studies, one of which states that depressed people experience improvement after taking vitamin D supplements. Therefore, make sure your daily vitamin D intake is sufficient to avoid depression.

Source of Vitamin D

To get the various benefits mentioned above, of course, vitamin D intake needs to always be fulfilled. One way is to bask in the sun in the morning. In addition, you can also find several other sources of vitamin D. 

Here are some foods that you can consume as a source of vitamin D.


Foods that you can consume as a source of vitamin D, namely eggs. This cheap and easy-to-find food has many benefits and is a source of high-quality protein. Then for the vitamin D, it is in the egg yolk. The content of vitamin D in eggs will increase if the chickens roam the breed in the sun.


In addition to eggs, you can also get vitamin D by eating mushrooms. This is because mushrooms have a pro-vitamin called ergosterol so that they are able to synthesize vitamin D. However, mushrooms that are bred indoors do not have this content.


Sources of vitamin D that you can consume next, namely consuming fish such as salmon and sardines. In fact, consuming 100 grams of sardines is able to meet the daily requirement of vitamin D by as much as 22%.

Enough of the explanation about the benefits of vitamin D for the human body. It should be noted, that although basking in the sun can increase the production of vitamin D, you need to be careful. The reason is that too long sunbathing in the sun can cause damage to the skin to skin cancer.