Tips to Make Kids Like Healthy Foods

Tips to Make Kids Like Healthy Foods

Providing healthy food intake to her beloved baby is something a mother should do. Because your little one needs a variety of healthy foods full of nutrients to optimize their growth and development. Unfortunately, not all children like healthy foods such as fish, fruit, and various vegetables.

This of course often makes it difficult for parents to persuade their children to consume healthy foods. If you're experiencing this too, don't worry! Just look at the following tips:

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Tips to Make Kids Like Healthy Foods

1. Be a model

Babies and children learn by imitating the mother and the people around her. If you hate fruits and vegetables, then indirectly the child will also think twice about eating them. Therefore, give an example to your little one by diligently eating a variety of healthy foods so that he also feels interested and wants to try them.

2. Take your little one shopping

Introduce healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables to your little one by taking them to supermarkets or traditional markets. Tell me the names of fruits and vegetables he never saw. Also introduce a variety of colors, aromas, and textures to your beloved baby. Thus, your little one must be curious and want to try these various healthy foods.

3. Describe the benefits

Feed your little one with fruits and vegetables while introducing them to their functions and privileges. For example, say if carrots contain vitamin A which can nourish the eyes or oranges contain vitamin C which can dispel diseases. Explain it in simple language so that it can be understood by your dear children.

4. Schedule meal times for your little one

Children have a digestive system that is not as perfect as adults. Therefore, they will not be able to devour too much food in one meal. So that the baby can get the optimal benefits from the healthy foods that Moms provide, make it a habit to make a regular schedule. There is nothing wrong with also letting your little one choose for himself what menu he wants for the day.

Giving healthy foods to your little one is not easy. Especially nowadays, there are many sweet or savory snacks that often attract children's interest. It takes patience and struggle.

Come on, share your experiences on how to introduce these healthy foods to your little one in the comment section below.