Try These Recommended Food Sources of Vitamin D that are Beneficial for Babies!

Try These Recommended Food Sources of Vitamin D that are Beneficial for Babies!

Vitamin D is an important nutrient needed for bone health and controlling the amount of calcium in the blood. In addition to playing an important role in bone development, vitamin D also has several other important functions. Some of them can build an immune system that will protect children during their growth period, support immune function, and fight infection.

Sun exposure-induced vitamin D is also beneficial for reducing the risk of allergies. Apart from sunlight, other sources of vitamin D are also found in food. So, what are the types of food sources of vitamin D that are beneficial for babies?

Reporting from the page, here we have summarized seven recommendations for vitamin D-rich foods that are beneficial for babies:

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Food Sources of Vitamin D for Babies

1. Egg yolk is dominated by vitamin D

These easily available animal foods are good sources of vitamin D. One medium egg (50g) contains 87 IU of vitamin D, equivalent to 17 percent of the daily requirement.

Don't just eat the egg whites, also consume the egg yolks because egg yolks are dominated by vitamin D.

2. Mushrooms contain 446 IU of vitamin D

Mushrooms have the ability to produce vitamin D when exposed to sunlight.

Although some mushrooms usually grow in the dark, if the mushrooms have been exposed to sunlight, they can be the right food choice for your little one.

Miraculously this one food stores 446 IU of vitamin D which is good for consumption by children.

3. Cereals contain vitamin D and are low in calories

Another food that contains vitamin D for children is cereal. Besides being useful, cereals are also delicious and interesting to give to children.

To be healthier, choose low-calorie, multi-grain cereals. Even so, not all cereals are really healthy, some cereals have added excess sugar. You should be more careful when choosing cereal for your little one. Also add a bowl of cereal with a glass of nutritious milk.

4. Oysters contain 272 IU of vitamin D

Unexpectedly, it turns out that oysters have a high vitamin D content. In 85 grams of oysters contains 272 IU of vitamin D, equivalent to 68 percent of daily needs.

Like other seafood groups, oysters are also a source of important minerals, such as zinc. With the benefits contained in it, it's no wonder that oysters are recommended as a good food for children.

But before that, make sure that your little one does not have a history of allergies, especially seafood allergies!

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5. Soy products meet 26 percent of daily needs

Soy products that are loaded with vitamin D are tofu and tempeh. This soybean product is a popular source of food containing vitamin D.

It is known that 100 mg of tofu contains about 157 IU of vitamin D, equivalent to 26 percent of daily needs.

6. Yogurt contains vitamin D and calcium

Milk is rich in vitamin D, so make sure your child consumes a glass of milk every day.

Apart from milk, vitamin D can also be found in dairy products such as yogurt. However, it is important to note that ice cream and cheese, both of which are obtained from milk, do not contain vitamin D.

In addition to containing vitamin D, yogurt also contains calcium which is good for the health of your little one's bones and teeth.

7. Fatty fish can meet daily needs

Fish is a good source of vitamin D for your little one. Fatty marine fish such as salmon, sardines, and tuna are great sources of vitamin D.

If you consume at least 100 grams per day, then your little one's daily vitamin D needs can be met.

Experts believe that increasing levels of vitamin D can overcome disease and is very important for health.

Well, those are the seven types of food sources of vitamin D that are good for babies to eat.

Hopefully it is useful and can be a consideration for you in determining the little one's daily menu.