5 Types of Vitamins in Skincare and Their Benefits

5 Types of Vitamins in Skincare and Their Benefits

Did you know, if not only in food, vitamins are also useful when used as the main ingredient of skincare?

Vitamins in skincare are useful for the health of our skin, such as vitamin C which helps the formation of collagen, and vitamin D as a protector of free radicals.

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Types of Vitamins in Skincare

In order not to be confused, here are the types of vitamins in skincare and their benefits! Check out the list below!

1. Vitamin D

The first type of vitamin in skin care is vitamin D. Vitamin D is usually formed from sunlight. Vitamin D in skincare is useful for overcoming psoriasis and protecting against the impact of free radicals.

Calcitriol is a cream-shaped vitamin D that you can use, especially on sensitive and acne-prone skin.

In the Journal of Drugs and Dermatology study, using calcitriol was effective in curing psoriasis, reducing inflammation, and skin irritation.

2. Vitamin C

The next type of vitamin in skincare is vitamin C. "Vitamin C is one of the most important skincare ingredients. Vitamin C is suitable for everyone, from teenagers, to anti-aging products," said clinical facial expert Kate Kerr, as reported by Elle UK.

"Vitamin C is an antioxidant that protects the skin from environmental damage, as well as protects the skin from the sun," kate continued.

Although we can get vitamin C from various fruits, vegetables, and supplements, it is better also to apply skincare that contains vitamin C.

"Using vitamin C topically is important because it can touch the skin directly to increase collagen production, skin elasticity, and reduce wrinkles," explains Margo Marone, co-founder of The Organic Pharmacy.

3. Vitamin E

The next type of vitamin in skincare is vitamin E. Vitamin E in skincare is useful for minimizing damage from sunlight, as well as preventing dark blemishes and wrinkles. No wonder vitamin E is widely used in anti-aging products.

"Vitamin E makes the skin softer and well hydrated. Vitamin E is very moisturizing, so the skin becomes supple. The best thing about vitamin E is its antioxidants that protect the skin from pollution and adverse environmental impacts," explains Lorraine Scrivener, skin beautician, and director of the Eden Skin Clinic, London.

4. Vitamin A

The next type of vitamin in skincare is vitamin A. Vitamin A in skincare is known as retinol, which is an ingredient that prevents premature aging.

"Retinol accelerates skin renewal, thickens the skin layer to make the skin more supple, brighter, and younger-looking, as well as overcomes hyperpigmentation, acne, large pores, and wrinkles," says Kate.

Unfortunately, retinol is not recommended for pregnant women or undergoing a pregnancy program. Because retinol can harm the health of the fetus.

Therefore, you can replace retinol with skincare that contains vitamin C, and diligently use sunscreen every day.

5. Vitamin B3

The next type of vitamin in skincare is vitamin B3. If you have dehydrated, sensitive, dull skin, and a lot of fine lines, vitamin B3 is the solution.

Vitamin B3 is also suitable for black-headed skin because it can control excess oil production.

Vitamin B3 in skincare is commonly known as niacinamide. Niacinamide is useful for improving skin texture and overcoming hyperpigmentation. There are so many benefits.

Those are some types of vitamins in skincare. It turns out that the benefits of vitamins in skincare are different. Let's choose the best one according to the skin problems that you are experiencing.

But if you are still in doubt, consult a doctor first, especially if you are pregnant or are undergoing a pregnancy program.