These are the Benefits Of Vitamin D to Prevent Asthma Relapse

These are the Benefits Of Vitamin D to Prevent Asthma Relapse

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that there are 262 million people in the world who have asthma. Most asthma medications only relieve and control symptoms. However, vitamin intake for asthmatics was reported to help prevent a recurrence.

Benefits of Vitamin D to Prevent Asthma Relapse

Vitamin D is one of the vitamins that are responsible for maintaining the immune system as a whole. Adequate daily vitamin D needs can improve the immune system's response to substances that trigger asthma attacks.

In addition, getting vitamin D intake from sunlight, food, or supplements can also reduce dangerous inflammatory responses and reduce asthma symptoms.

Several scientific studies have shown that people who are deficient in vitamin D are more at risk of having asthma attacks. This occurs in both children and adults. 

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Therefore, the intake of vitamin D is considered a supplement to prevent asthma relapse while at the same time maintaining the function of the lungs as a whole.

The following is a scientific explanation of the main benefits of vitamin D to prevent asthma relapse.

1. Lowers the risk of asthma attacks

The first benefit of vitamin D to prevent asthma relapse is of course to lower the risk of asthma attacks. 

A study in the journal The Lancet Respiratory Medicine (2017) proved that giving asthma medications along with vitamin D supplementation was associated with a reduced risk of asthma attacks.

The study involved 955 people with moderate-grade asthma who were taking steroid-containing drugs. In addition to administering the drug, the researchers added vitamin D supplements to the treatment regimen.

After taking regular medication and vitamin supplements, it was reported that the frequency of participants going back and forth to the hospital and hospitalization due to the recurrence of severe asthma attacks is now much reduced.

Another study in the journal Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (2016) involving 435 children and 658 adults with mild to moderate asthma also showed similar results.

The study found that taking vitamin D supplements for 12 months reduced the risk of severe asthma attacks and hospital visits by 3 percent.

2. Reduce the use of asthma drugs

The second benefit of vitamin D to prevent asthma relapse is it will reduce the use of asthma drugs. 

In addition to reducing asthma attacks and the frequency of hospitalization, vitamin D supplementation for asthmatics also minimizes the use of steroids in the treatment of asthma.

This steroid is used to prevent asthma attacks, not relieve symptoms when they recur. The study also reported that there were no side effects from taking vitamin D supplements.

However, further studies are needed to determine whether vitamin D supplements have the same effect on asthmatics who do not require steroid therapy to control their asthma.

In addition, the study mentioned above-involved participants who mostly had mild to moderate asthma symptoms. So, it is not known for certain the effect of vitamin D intake in patients with severe or severe asthma.

In addition, it is not known whether supplements are effective in reducing the risk of acute asthma attacks in all patients or only in patients who are vitamin D deficient.

Source of vitamin D to Prevent Asthma Relapse

Ideally, 80% of the body's vitamin D comes from sunlight. Your body will produce it automatically when exposed to sunlight.

According to the Indonesian Ministry of Health (Kemenkes), children and adults are sufficiently exposed to sunlight for 5–15 minutes three times a week.

For the territory of Indonesia, the recommended sunbathing time is in the morning from sunrise to 09.00, and in the afternoon from 15.00 until sunset.

Apart from sunlight, the best source of vitamin D to prevent asthma relapse can also be obtained from daily food. Some of these foods include:

  • fish oil,
  • tuna fish,
  • egg yolk,
  • beef liver,
  • milk, and
  • button mushrooms.

You can also get this vitamin intake from supplements. Vitamin D supplements are effective enough to meet the needs of vitamin D in a day.

However, before taking supplements for asthma, consult your doctor for instructions for safe and proper use.

Are there vitamins for asthmatics other than vitamin D?

People with asthma are also advised to get intake vitamins C and vitamin E. Both have antioxidant properties to fight free radicals and oxidative stress in the body. 

Researchers estimate that reducing oxidative stress in the lungs may help reduce the risk of respiratory disorders, including asthma.

You can consume foods rich in vitamin C, such as oranges, tomatoes, and green vegetables. In addition, you can also get vitamin E from avocados, broccoli, and peanuts.

To more easily get these vitamins, you can also take supplements. It is also essential that you consult your doctor before using it.

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