Vitamin C to Overcome the Flu and Colds

Vitamin C to Overcome the Flu and Colds

Vitamin C can help prevent infections and shorten their duration, but only if taken in the right doses.

Vitamin C to Overcome the Flu and Colds

A large number of studies have been conducted on the ability of vitamin C to affect the common cold.

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Dosage of Vitamin C to Fight Colds And Flu

Most other studies have used a daily dose of one gram, which is a fairly small dose of vitamin C. Dr. Harri Hemil of the University of Helsinki, Finland, analyzed the findings of a number of trials investigating the dose effect of vitamin C.

Studies show a significant dose-dependent relationship between vitamin C and disease duration. The best results were seen in trials using 6-8 grams per day.

Dr. Hemilä states that, "Given the consistent effect of vitamin C on the duration of colds, and its safety and low cost, it would be beneficial to individual common cold patients to test whether 8 g/day vitamin C therapy is beneficial for them. Self-dose of vitamin C should be started as soon as possible. perhaps after the onset of common cold symptoms to be most effective.”

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It's impossible to get 8 grams of vitamin C from food if you consider oranges to only contain up to 70 milligrams, if they are very fresh oranges.

The longer fruits and vegetables are stored, the more vitamin C is lost. Vitamin C is a very refined vitamin and is also destroyed by heat.

The best way to take vitamin C supplements is in divided doses. Consuming 8 grams at a time can cause diarrhea. It is best to divide 8 grams into 2 gram doses, taken 4 times a day.

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