Obese Children? Try These 4 Healthy Menus

Obese Children? Try These 4 Healthy Menus

All mothers must be happy to see such a fat child who likes to eat. Not infrequently because they want to have a densely packed child, the child is given the freedom to eat in large quantities.

But be careful, don't let an unhealthy diet can make children become overweight or obese!

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The World Health Organization (WHO) said that childhood obesity is one of the serious diseases that occur in various parts of the world and the number of sufferers is increasing from year to year. In 2016, more than 40 million children under five years of age were obese.

"Obesity in children under five years of age can give rise to new, more serious disease factors as adults, such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, and others," explains Dr. Anne Welch, MD, a pediatrician at Banner Health Center in Maricop.

Healthy Menu for Obese Children

Start a diet in a child by changing the diet to be healthier. Here are some healthy menus for obese children.

1. Breakfast

Change the habit of consuming rice or breakfast in large and heavy portions, as it can provoke obesity in children.

Replace a heavy breakfast with a diet rich in fiber but still filling.

If the child is accustomed to drinking milk in the morning, change the consumed milk to milk with low-fat content.

You can also make fruit smoothies by using fat-free yogurt.

The other option is wholemeal bread and one boiled egg to start the day. Avoid using jam with excess chocolate and sugar content on bread.

2. Lunch

The following healthy menu for obese children is to change the intake of white rice to brown rice or fiber-rich rice.

Avoid side dishes fried in oil to reduce oil intake in the child's body.

You can try the brown rice menu with snapper soup or grilled fish, and it is equipped with vegetable proteins such as steamed tofu and tempeh.

Don't forget to include vegetables as a healthy menu for obese children in every child's lunch menu. Increasing the consumption of vegetables is highly recommended for people with obesity.

3. Snack

The next healthy menu for obese children is to change snacks. Eliminating the habit of snacking in children is indeed difficult to do. But you don't need to worry.

Children can still be given an interlude of authentic food in portions that are not excessive, so as not to trigger obesity.

You can make banana pancakes using oat flour and reduce the amount of cheese in the dough. The child will still get the sweet taste of ripe bananas.

Avoid sweet and more calorie instant foods that can trigger the accumulation of fat in the body of the Little One.

4. Dinner

As the last healthy menu for obese children is to replace rice with mashed potatoes or pasta as a dinner menu.

Pair mashed potatoes or pasta with boiled chicken breast and salad as a complement.

That’s information about the healthy menus for obese children, hope this information is useful.