Be Careful, Don't Just Inject Vitamin C!

Be Careful, Don't Just Inject Vitamin C!

There are many ways for women to be more beautiful. One of the things that many do is inject vitamin C. Vitamin C injections are basically injections to boost the body's immunity.

However, because vitamin C is also necessary for beautiful skin, recently more and more clinics offer megadose vitamin C injections with claims the skin can be whiter and brighter.

Basically, in safe doses, injectable vitamin C only brightens the skin and returns it to its original color, not whitening the skin. Our normal skin tone is the skin tone that is present in parts of the body that are rarely exposed to the sun. For example, in the chest or inner arms.

What Is The Right Dose Of Vitamin C For The Body?

The recommended dosage is only 90 mg (men) and 75 mg (women) per day. There are experts who argue that the dose of vitamin C can not be more than 250-500 mg.

In addition, it is said that the body is only able to store/absorb 1200 mg of vitamin C in 3 weeks. Water-soluble vitamin C is filtered in the kidneys and excreted through urine. Excess doses will be removed through urine, and the kidneys will work hard to filter them out.

Effects of Injectable Vitamin C Not According to Dosage

What needs to be noted is that if the injection of vitamin C does not match the dosage, it can cause dangerous side effects. Side effects can be in the form of irritation, severe stinging, to allergic reactions that can lead to death. For this reason, patients who want to inject vitamin C must first check their health to find out the function of their kidneys.

Adverse effects arise when excessive vitamin C is soluble in water and filtered by the kidneys, while the kidneys also have a maximum capacity. If there are too many, crystallization can occur which can cause kidney stones to kidney failure.

Therefore, it is better to inject high doses of vitamin C only for the short term because it overloads the kidneys.

In addition to the examination before the injection of vitamin C, the evaluation after the injection also needs to be done several times after the injection. Patients are expected to carefully choose a beauty clinic to ensure that the clinic uses the services of competent experts. Don't let health be sacrificed for the sake of the coveted bright skin.

That’s information on how to be careful about the injection of vitamin c. hope this information is helpful.

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