3 Dangers of Taking Gummy Multivitamins for Children

3 Dangers of Taking Gummy Multivitamins for Children

If you take a walk to the supermarket and into the aisle selling medicines and vitamins, Moms will find dozens of multivitamin brands for both children and adults.

And among the rows of such vitamins, gummy multivitamins predominate in the category of vitamins or supplements for a child.

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Of course, its candy-like shape, colorful, chewy texture, and sweet taste will captivate anyone.

No wonder children will be happy to consume it, even not infrequently asking for more.

But, don't be happy just yet if your little one likes this gummy multivitamin so much.

There are dangers and other things you need to know about this gummy multivitamin.

Dangers Of Gummy Multivitamins For Children

For more details, see the following expert explanation of the dangers of gummy multivitamins for children, as reported by parents.com.

1. High in Sugar

"I never recommend gummy vitamins to my patients," says pediatrician Natalie Muth, M.D., RDN, co-author of the book The Picky Eater Project.

The reason is that gummy multivitamins usually contain higher sugar levels than other supplements.

And according to Dr. Muth, it is not uncommon for a serving to have a sugar content of nearly a teaspoon.

And considering that the recommended limit is six teaspoons a day, the amount contained in that gummy multivitamin is too much!

So, if you decide to give gummy multivitamins to the little one, make sure to pay attention to the sugar content in the multivitamin. Choose the one with the least sugar content.

2. Potentially Consumed Excessively aka OverDosing

In the eyes of children, this gummy multivitamin looks and feels like candy. Some are even sugar coated, making them more and more similar to chewy candies than supplements. And it's not impossible for children to be tempted to take more than they need.

In fact, excessive consumption of vitamin supplements is very dangerous, especially if the vitamin contains iron, which the body only needs in small quantities. "Children associate what candy looks like very much as 'healthy'," Dr. Muth said.

That's why, it's important to give multivitamins according to the recommended dosage. Do not be tempted to allow the child to take more, because it is even potentially harmful to his health.

3. Can Make Cavities

Because of its sticky, chewy shape, these gummy multivitamins tend to stick to teeth and increase the risk of cavities — just like caramelized candy. That's why, every time your little one runs out of gummy multivitamins, ask him to brush his teeth.

That's the danger you should know before giving gummy multivitamins to your little children. 

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