Good Complementary Food Recipes for Eye Vitamins

Good Complementary Food Recipes for Eye Vitamins

The eyes are an important organ whose health must be maintained. Since childhood, children have to be accustomed to eating foods that have good content for the eyes. Of course, it can be started when children get to know complementary food.

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According to Shania Khialani, Nutritionist from, there are several types of food ingredients proven to have ingredients that can help nourish the eyes since childhood.

Complementary Food Recipes For Eye Vitamins

So, what foodstuffs are suitable as complimentary food to help maintain the health of your little one's eyes? Here's the list!


Everyone knows that carrots have good content for eye health and are good for eye vitamins.  Shania said carrots have beta-carotene content that will protect the eyes. The idea of presenting it for the Little One?

Moms can give carrots in the form of pieces that have been boiled as finger food, mixed with salads, pasta, or soups. The child must like the sweet taste of carrots. Or it can also be juiced and served with a closed glass because although it tastes sweet the aroma of carrots is quite sharp.

Green Vegetables

The green vegetables are also for eye vitamins. Green vegetables contain lutein and zeaxanthin which can improve vision. The antioxidant content in green vegetables can also protect the eyes from the sun. 

There are some green vegetables that Moms can serve to the Little One, such as spinach and kale. Moms just need to cook it into a clear vegetable or blanch it for a while. Or it could be a mixture of carbonara pasta. The Little One must like it.


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Next for eye vitamins are salmon. Salmon has a high omega 3 content. This content will protect the retina of the eye from inflammation.

For the presentation, you only need to fry it for a while, using olive oil and salt until golden brown.

Salmon has a savory taste so it doesn't need a lot of spices.


Avocado is also for eye vitamins. According to Angel Planells, Nutritionist and Founder of ACP Nutrition in Seattle, Avocado has a high lutein content. 

This content will help improve vision and reduce the risk of cataracts and degenerative eye diseases.

You can serve cut or crushed avocados directly to the Little One. Another idea, make it guacamole or add it as a sandwich filling.


Lastly, complementary food for eye vitamins is eggs. Eggs, especially egg yolks also contain the antioxidant compounds Lutein and Zeaxanthin which are good for eye health.

Both are found in the yolk and are also high antioxidants, forming the retina of the eye. Eye damage and lack of these two substances will also accelerate eye aging so that it can interfere with vision.

You just need to boil it or make scrambled eggs. Add cheese, it must be even more delicious.

Those are some of the ingredients of complementary food for eye vitamins. Interested in trying? Good luck!