Fulfilling the Needs of Vitamin C is Useful for Treating Colds

Fulfilling the Needs of Vitamin C is Useful for Treating Colds

We think everyone already knows that vitamin C is useful for treating diseases such as a cold. 

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Vitamin C is one of the important nutritional intakes for the body when sick, especially during coughs and colds. Taking vitamin C when sick can improve the immune system and treat existing pain, especially colds.

Launching from healthline.com, you can take vitamin C during illness to speed up the recovery period. Even so, the consumption of vitamin C must be done at the right dosage to get maximum results. Excessive doses are actually not good for future health.

How Many Doses of Vitamin C Should Be Taken When Sick?

Each person has a different dose. This depends on the intake of the overall state of health of the body. For people suffering from stomach acid or disorders of the digestive system, it is not recommended to take vitamin C in excess.

Quoting from the WebMD.com, the dosage rules for vitamin C that can be consumed daily are as follows:

  • Women 19 years and older, which is approximately 65 mg
  • Men 19 years and older which is approximately 90 mg
  • Pregnant women aged 19 years and over, which is approximately 85 mg
  • Breastfeeding mothers aged 19 years and over, which is approximately 120 mg

As for sick people, the dose that can be consumed is 200 mg per day to 8 grams per day. It refers to research conducted by experts at the University of Helsinki, Finland, and research at the Harvard-affiliated Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

Foods and Drinks Rich in Vitamin C

Apart from being obtained from vitamins sold in the market, you can take vitamin C from natural foods and drinks. Some foods rich in vitamin C include red guava fruit, citrus fruits, kiwifruit, peppers, chilies, strawberries, papaya fruits, and broccoli vegetables.

Not only useful for treating colds but meeting the need for vitamin C every day is also useful for increasing endurance so as to prevent the risk of getting sick, especially sick with cold coughs. Hope this information is helpful.

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