5 Recommended Vitamins for Postpartum Recovery

5 Recommended Vitamins for Postpartum Recovery

The process of giving birth to a baby is certainly a tiring moment for women’s bodies. Not to mention after giving birth we also have to think about how the body's recovery process takes place.

Because everyone's body condition is different, the recovery time will not be the same. Some are faster, some are longer.

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But you don't need to worry, because in addition to eating healthy food after giving birth, you can also add vitamin intake to help speed up recovery and restore the body's energy lost after giving birth.

Here Purity will give 5 recommendations for vitamins for postnatal recovery. Check out the list below!

1. Vitamin A

The first recommended vitamin for postpartum recovery is vitamin A.

According to the Indonesian Ministry of Health, vitamin A in addition to maintaining eye health, is also beneficial for postpartum recovery. Because generally after giving birth, Mama will experience a postpartum phase which is closely related to the problem of anemia. So to prevent it, Mama is strongly advised to take vitamin A.

2. Vitamin B9

B vitamins, especially B9 or known as folic acid, are not only important to be consumed during pregnancy, but also after giving birth. Because this vitamin is believed to be able to maintain physical health, and help the production of red blood cells and white blood cells in the body.

In addition, vitamin B9 is also believed to be able to overcome the psychological condition of mothers after giving birth. So that it can help reduce the risk of postpartum depression.

3. Vitamin C

As is known, vitamin C if consumed regularly can help maintain health and restore stamina.

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For mothers who have just given birth, vitamin C is also useful for accelerating the healing process and restoring lost stamina after childbirth.

4. Vitamin D

After giving birth and breastfeeding, you may experience a decrease in calcium levels in the body. Where this can lead to bone fragility or osteoporosis.

However, in reality, not many people know that it is difficult for the body to absorb calcium without vitamin D. Therefore, taking additional vitamin D can be an alternative to meet calcium intake, and help the postnatal recovery process.

5. Vitamin E

Another recommended vitamin for postpartum recovery is vitamin E. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that can help repair damaged cells, and expel toxic substances from the body.

Vitamin E is also highly recommended for mothers, because it is useful for fighting fatigue in the body and post-natal trauma.

Those were 5 recommended vitamins for postpartum recovery. In addition to trying some of the vitamins above, make sure you also get enough rest, and eat healthy foods after giving birth. It aims to speed up the recovery process and restore the energy lost during childbirth.