4 Healthy Drinks for Kids

4 Healthy Drinks for Kids

You need to know about healthy drinks for kids, because when you have a kids, keeping an eye on the drinks consumed is as important as paying attention to their food intake. Because these two things play a big role in fulfilling the nutrition of the kids. By choosing healthy drinks, you don't have to worry about their growth being disrupted.

Well, speaking of healthy drinks, here are some good thirst quenchers for the Little One.

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Healthy Drinks for Kids

1. Plain water

Plain water is the healthiest drink that you can give to anyone, including toddlers. Water can be a thirst quencher as well as good for his health such as relieving headaches and fatigue.

Nicolas Stettler, M.D., a pediatrician, states that it is important for parents to get a habit of children consuming water because if he is used to drinking sugar-containing drinks, the child will think that all drinks should be sugary.

If the child is used to consuming water, of course, he will not experience excess sugar levels and his teeth are not easily damaged.

Some ways that you can do to get children used to drinking water is to put it in the refrigerator, especially when the air is hot, or equip the kids with a bottle of water wherever their go. Easy, right?

2. Milk

Milk contains calcium and vitamin D which are good for the growth of strong bones and teeth. You can give about 16 ounces of milk if the Little One is still 1-2 years old.

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If the child is 2-3 years old, gradually you can give 2-3 cups of milk every day. Because at this time the child needs calcium intake of around 700mg. However, if Little One has a cow's milk allergy, you can use soy milk as a substitute.

3. Juice

If you choose juice as a healthy drink for kids, make sure that it consists of 100 percent real fruit, yes. And remember, even though it comes from real fruit, you should also not carelessly give the juice to the Little One.

If he is not yet 6 months old, you should avoid giving them this drink. Then when the Little One is 6-12 months old, you begin to be able to give him juice with a limit of up to 120 milliliters per day. Then, if the child has turned 1-6 years old, the consumption of juice may increase between 120-180 milliliters per day.

4. Tea

Tea can be used as an option as well as a healthy drink for kids. You can try to give chamomile tea because the tea can make them calm down. As a natural sweetener, you can also add honey to a glass of warm tea water that has been brewed.

Those are four types of healthy drinks for kids that you can give them to stay healthy. Getting your little one used to liking healthy drinks is a form of long-term health investment. Because the child's body becomes stronger and energized to carry out its daily activities.

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